Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stranger Danger

The first release from the Torn Studios crew is Stranger Danger to be released by Arcana Comics.

Writer: Jeff Aden

Penciler: Ray Catuto, Junior Bruce and Jenn Lee
Inker: Ray Catuto, Junior Bruce and Jenn Lee

A group of misguided aliens find constant resistance from an unassuming opponent. Thinking that the local video store owner named Strange is a master alien slayer after he unintentionally shoots down their mother ship, the aliens then start on a mad campaign to gain there revenge against Strange and his bizarre group of friends.

Strange is more than a misunderstood video store clerk. Apparently he's also an alien masher with the power of destroying even the largest of motherships, or so the aliens believe. Will the aliens successfully invade this planet of highly evolved animals? Can Strange and crew thwart aliens, robotic duplicates and a genetically altered monster? For Strange, life just got a lot more interesting.

Release date to be posted soon.

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