Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pimping One of Our Own

Hi guys! Jenn here. I'm so excited to see this blog up and running and for the projects we're all working on at the moment. Stranger Danger Vol. 1 is done! The guys and I are so pumped for this book. I can't wait to finally see it in print. Keep an eye on the blog here for future previews of pages from the book!

Scotty Godlewski is just one of the 13 amazing people on Twist in the Night, our horror anthology due out this Halloween. We had the pleasure of meeting him (along with several other local artists/writers on the book) at the Phoenix comicon this past January. He, with four other hugely talented artists listed here, created Mysterious Adventure Magazine, which throws a modern twist on those great Silver Age anthologies. It's a fantastic book and put together so well. It's one of those indy books that should be high up on your to-buy list if you haven't already got your paws on it.

Keeping with the theme here keep an eye out for future entries about the creative bunch on Torn Studios books!

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