Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Intro to Torn Studios Staff

Torn Studios is a goup of artists and writers who all love to make comics and graphic novels. Let's take a moment to meet the members of Torn Studios:

Jeff Aden: Writer and Creator.

Bryce Lee: Penciler, Inker and Creator.

Jenn Lee: Penciler, Inker, Letterer and Creator.

Junior Bruce: Penciler, Inker and Creator.

The difference between Torn Studios and Torn Comics:
Both Torn Studios and Comics are the same group of creators making comic projects the difference between the two are who is releasing the book. If Torn staffers do a comic project and release it threw another comic company the projest will be refered to as a Torn Studios project. Now there are projects that we ourselves release in that such case it falls under the Torn Comics banner.

You will get updates on this site from all four of us, letting you know about comming comic projects all made in house at Torn Studios. More posts to come so please say tuned.


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