Monday, February 23, 2009

We're Torn Studios... and we have issues.

Good gravy, I'm up late tonight. Hi guys! Coffee deprived Jenn here.

A little while back the guys and I had the amazing pleasure of doing a video interview with Mr. Tom Healy for his net show I Have Issues. It was a great time and, despite looking completely foolish, I think the three of us did good. Especially Jeff who did a helluva job doing a quick rundown of the copious amounts of awesome in the Twist in the Night Anthology. Not an easy feat, I assure you.

You can watch us here. Don't be shy! Let us know what you think and if you have any questions!

Books in production

Hi everyone Jeff here,
I thought I would take a second to give off the list of books that Torn has currently in production. All the books listed are in some stage in production be it writing, penciling lettering or printing being the point in the process it is in. Anyway here is the list:

Stranger Danger Volume 1
The Fix
Twist in the Night: A Horror Anthology
Stranger Danger Volume 2
The Mechanic
End Time
Stranger Danger Volume 3
Has Been
Inner Fire: Book 1

I'll give updates when I can. Until then I hope you like what you have been seeing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Goings on

Hey all Jeff here. just thought I'd let you people what the mental miscreants at Torn Studios are up to. Well I guess first off is should mention the interview we are doing tomorrow...r today...sorry it's 12:30 ish in the A.M. you figure it out. Jenn, Bryce and myself will be interviewed by Mr. Thomas Healy on his net show "I have issues" It's a great show for the comic minded viewer, and I'm not just saying that because we're apearing on it. I'm not goin to lie I'm a little nervous, I'm sure everything will go fine but that is just who I am. I'll let ya know when the show hit's the net and how the interview went. Just wanted to get that off my chest.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pimping One of Our Own

Hi guys! Jenn here. I'm so excited to see this blog up and running and for the projects we're all working on at the moment. Stranger Danger Vol. 1 is done! The guys and I are so pumped for this book. I can't wait to finally see it in print. Keep an eye on the blog here for future previews of pages from the book!

Scotty Godlewski is just one of the 13 amazing people on Twist in the Night, our horror anthology due out this Halloween. We had the pleasure of meeting him (along with several other local artists/writers on the book) at the Phoenix comicon this past January. He, with four other hugely talented artists listed here, created Mysterious Adventure Magazine, which throws a modern twist on those great Silver Age anthologies. It's a fantastic book and put together so well. It's one of those indy books that should be high up on your to-buy list if you haven't already got your paws on it.

Keeping with the theme here keep an eye out for future entries about the creative bunch on Torn Studios books!

Twist in the Night: A Horror Anthology

Set for Halloween is the first book to come out of the Torn Comics wing, Twist in the Night: A Horror Anthology, as the title says it's a horror book. A graphic Novel featuring 13 different artists and writers taking on the challenge of putting a scare into the modern comic reader.

Listed below are the contributors to the book:
Jeff Aden
Bill Bailey
Shannon Bailey
Kate Bradley
Jenny Brundage
Junior Bruce
Dave Dispain
Scott Godlewski
Jolene Houser
Bryce Lee
Jenn Lee
Tony Parker
Derrek West

Twist in the night will be released around Halloween in 2009 and will be available for purchase online. I'll post more information on the book as we get closer to release.

Cover art by Randy Aden coming soon.

The Fix

The second book to come out of the Torn Studios factory is The Fix, also to be released by Arcana Comics.

Writer: Jeff Aden

Penciler: Bryce Lee

Inker: Bryce Lee

Cover Art : Tony Parker

An undercover cop (Victor Campbell) enters an old warehouse to meet with "The Fixer", the muscle bound vigilante who has been independently and aggressively taking drug dealers off the streets. Victor is shocked by what he sees in the warehouse office, a former fellow SWAT officer (Kent Dawning) who had been assumed dead for over five years. But not only is Kent alive, he is the Fixer. Kent, who looks nothing like his former self, now looking more like a tweaked out drug addict tells the story of how he became fixer for the first time and how it has consumed him to the point where normal life is no longer a option to him. On a botched drug bust in a spectacular and bloody fight, Kent is injected with a experimental new narcotic (Hyperdrenaline) that transforms him into the Fixer who has far above average strength and feels no pain whatsoever, once the drug wears off all the pain rushes back to him like it just happened all at once.

Release date to be posted soon.

For more info:

Stranger Danger

The first release from the Torn Studios crew is Stranger Danger to be released by Arcana Comics.

Writer: Jeff Aden

Penciler: Ray Catuto, Junior Bruce and Jenn Lee
Inker: Ray Catuto, Junior Bruce and Jenn Lee

A group of misguided aliens find constant resistance from an unassuming opponent. Thinking that the local video store owner named Strange is a master alien slayer after he unintentionally shoots down their mother ship, the aliens then start on a mad campaign to gain there revenge against Strange and his bizarre group of friends.

Strange is more than a misunderstood video store clerk. Apparently he's also an alien masher with the power of destroying even the largest of motherships, or so the aliens believe. Will the aliens successfully invade this planet of highly evolved animals? Can Strange and crew thwart aliens, robotic duplicates and a genetically altered monster? For Strange, life just got a lot more interesting.

Release date to be posted soon.

Intro to Torn Studios Staff

Torn Studios is a goup of artists and writers who all love to make comics and graphic novels. Let's take a moment to meet the members of Torn Studios:

Jeff Aden: Writer and Creator.

Bryce Lee: Penciler, Inker and Creator.

Jenn Lee: Penciler, Inker, Letterer and Creator.

Junior Bruce: Penciler, Inker and Creator.

The difference between Torn Studios and Torn Comics:
Both Torn Studios and Comics are the same group of creators making comic projects the difference between the two are who is releasing the book. If Torn staffers do a comic project and release it threw another comic company the projest will be refered to as a Torn Studios project. Now there are projects that we ourselves release in that such case it falls under the Torn Comics banner.

You will get updates on this site from all four of us, letting you know about comming comic projects all made in house at Torn Studios. More posts to come so please say tuned.