Friday, August 14, 2009

Meet The Family Ace

Junior here again, with another Cracker Ace update!

Last week I introduced you to Cracker Ace, the hillbilly hero of one of Torn's upcoming webcomic series. Today, I'd like to introduce you to the rest of the Ace Family, starting with Cracker's ward, Billy Ray.

Where Cracker provides the humor through bold acts of ignorance while in the pursuit of justice, Billy Ray provides the much needed common sense. He's smart, he's well balanced emotionally, and even at the tender age of 10, he sometimes comes off as lightyears more mature than his guardian hero.

Now meet Granny Ace...

Granny is our source for all things blue. We're keeping aspects of her character (and history) a mystery for now, but I can say that Granny has absolutely no filter. If she thinks it, she says it, and she doesn't care if what she's saying makes you uncomfortable. She's too old to waste time worrying about crap like that.

So that's Cracker's trailer-mates and family members. Keep your eyes peeled for another update in a couple days. Thanks for stoppin' by!

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