Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet El Doom and Miss Demolition

Hey peeps, JB here again this time introducing you to two very important characters to the Cracker Ace story, as well as the Torn Universe. First up, Cracker's neighbor, the mysterious evil luchadore, El Doom!

El Doom is all of my favorite villain traits all rolled into one cool character. From his name to his outfit to his backstory to his serious emotional instability, he serves as a great everyday foil for Cracker Ace, adding that "what else can go wrong" factor to every story. Living right next door to Cracker, anything can happen at anytime, and usually does...although El Doom's idea of evil is drastically different from that of most evil doers. To know what I mean, you'll have to read the comic when it starts up shortly.

Up next, Miss Demolition...

As Jeff and I were fleshing out this story, we figured we needed to hammer home the point that Cracker himself isn't much of a superhero with powers. He's just a guy who can take a beating, and occasionally win the day. What better way to demonstrate that than to create a superhero with super powers. Better yet, make that superhero a woman, and give Cracker the motivation to impress her.

Miss Demolition is the defender and protector of Torn Heights, also referred to as just "The Heights" the big city down the road from Cracker's trailer park.

Whelp, that's pretty much it for now. The next phase in the Cracker saga will begin with the debut of the webcomic sometime next week. So come on back and hang with us then, won't you?

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