Thursday, July 30, 2009

Talks of a Universe...has me all tingly.

Jeff again with a little update.
Junior Bruce and I were talking the other night and we chatted for a couple of hours because we're like little girls on the phone. Anyhoo, we were talking about all the books we have in development and it occurred to us that we have the makings of an actual universe. I kind of always knew but it never really occurred to me. So we at Torn Comics (Jenn, Bryce, Junior and myself mainly) have been spending the last couple of day creating characters for our universe. Boy howdy, did we come up with some good ones. The reason I'm telling all of you this other then I'd like to think you're interested in what we are up to is we should be unveiling some of those characters here at soon. So keep an eye out and I hope you like them.



  1. Little girls? Pfft. You're the little girl. I'm all woman, baby!

  2. Well, your boobs did develope before mine.

  3. Someone needs to come up with a volunteer multiverse!!!!